Make your building safer

We help you ensure safety with free security inspections.

We install and repair every lock, key, exit device and digital keypad for buildings.

So we have the experience to conduct thorough security inspections.

We will test everything during our half-an-hour inspection:

* All entry points

* All entry doors, latches and strikes

* All deadbolts

* All safes, including how they are secured

* Operation checks of any digital security or access control

We have always offered free security inspections because our clients should know what’s working and what’s not.

Get Your Free Commercial Building Security Inspection

Frank Fuentes, Universal Maintenance

"I have been doing business with Bomac's since 2003 when I started managing properties in the East Bay. They are friendly, professional and have helped me out of many locksmith emergencies. It's always nice to walk into an establishment and see the smiling faces of Alan and Chuck knowing my needs will be met."

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